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Horoscope February 2020


Horoscope February 2020

What are the stars foreseeing? 

What are the New Predictions and how they will affect your life?

Your monthly Horoscope has always something new to reveal!


Your instincts are in control of the coming weeks as communicative Mercury enters intuitive Pisces on February 3. Indecision sets in as you struggle to make final choices, but that’s just because you don’t want to miss out on anything. Weigh your pros and cons carefully before you make a big announcement.

Romantic Venus moves into your fiery sign on the seventh, which isn’t exactly a match made in heaven. While the goddess of love and money is in your sign, you mainly focus on having your own needs met. Figuring out how to get what you need and keep everybody else in your life satisfied is the tricky key to happiness now.

Your home planet Mars leaves adventurous Sagittarius for stern Capricorn on February 16, so you’ll feel more pressure to get serious about life. There’s a lot of positive energy here, but there are no free rides. Use your inner drive and determination to take the next step toward a major goal.

You welcome risks and challenges when the moon is in your energetic sign on the twenty-fifth. You’re ready to show what you’re made of even if it means putting up a fight or making things uncomfortable. The people you encounter now won’t walk away wondering what you’re about. It’s impossible to hide your passions now!


The moon is in your sensory sign on the first couple of days of February, so you’ll be focused on having your needs met. Of course, you can take care of business yourself, but it’s so much more fun when someone else helps. Luckily, you know when to take advantage of a situation and when to rely on your own abilities.

Your home planet Venus moves into fiery Aries on the seventh, causing some disruption in your peaceful life. Just when things have been going according to plan, this transit could cause you to veer off course. Getting out of your routine and doing something spontaneously can shake things up in a good way, though.

A full moon in dramatic Leo on February 8 brings good balance to the rather aloof energy of the Aquarius sun and shows you how to be a more exuberant, outgoing version of yourself. This lunation reminds you that it’s OK to live large and loud, and to express what’s in your heart.

A square between your home planet Venus and lucky Jupiter on the twenty-third brings a lighthearted vibe, but problems arise when you’re so busy having fun that you forget about your responsibilities. It’s okay to party and have a good time, but don’t do it to excess.


The moon in your curious sign on February 3 and February 4 can make you somewhat scattered, but in the best possible way. You’re so interested in life and the people you encounter that you’re very easily distracted, but just because you drop one thing for another doesn’t mean you’ve lost interest. You’ll be back.

Chatty Mercury moves into shy Pisces on the third, so social interactions might slow down quite a bit. As you retreat into yourself it becomes more difficult to vocalize your feelings, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your mind is still hard at work processing all of your daydreams and fantasies, the details of which you aren’t quite ready to reveal.

Powerful Mars gains positive momentum during its pairing with ambitious Capricorn on February 16, so this is an excellent time to take on the big tasks you’ve been putting off. If you can’t accomplish something now (or at least get the ball rolling), it might not be possible.

February 25 brings a thoughtful sun-Mercury conjunction in gentle Pisces, so while your thoughts will be moving a mile a minute, you’ll have a hard time making concrete decisions. This is a good time to weigh all of your options before coming to your final conclusion.


Your need to nurture others is strong as the moon passes through your gentle sign on February 5 and February 6. You see the people you encounter as your children, and you just want to heal their hurt. Just remember that bandages can’t fix everything. Some wounds go deeper.

Powerful Mars gets a boost when it visits determined Capricorn starting on the sixteenth, so use your excess energy during this time to get the job done. Take on the big tasks now, the ones you’ve been putting off. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you cross major things off your to-do list.

The sun visits gentle Pisces for a month starting on February 18, and you will be able to relate to a lot of the Fish’s emotional energy. You’re very in tune with your feelings now, so really get honest with yourself, Cancer. And if you don’t like the picture you see, there’s still time to paint over it and start fresh.

A daring Mars-Uranus trine on the twenty-first encourages you to take some risks, because stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while is good for the soul. Your instincts are strong and accurate now, so you won’t let yourself get into too much trouble. Just enjoy the new view for however long it lasts.


When the great communicator Mercury moves out of eccentric Aquarius and into shy Pisces on February 3, you notice subtle changes in the way you talk to people. You don’t usually have a problem finding ways to break the ice with strangers, but now you’re more reserved and quieter. This can work to your advantage, Leo, since you can usually find a way to work most every angle!

The emotional moon spends time in your dramatic sign on the seventh and eighth, so you’ll have no problem telling other people how you feel—about everything! You’re an open book now, and you love to get attention by any means necessary. You aren’t above exaggerating the details of a story to get a better response or more applause.

A stern Capricorn moon arrives on February 18, urging you to think about the future and put your priorities in order. “Caution” is one of the keywords of this lunation, especially if you have professional goals in mind. Anything you start incorrectly now will only compound issues later.

Power and control issues surface during the Venus-Pluto square on the twenty-eighth, but try to remember the lesson about forgiveness you learned earlier in the month. Avoid manipulative behavior, and don’t accept it from anyone else. Passive-aggressive behavior solves nothing.


When logical Mercury, your home planet, teams up with intuitive Pisces on February 3, you’re out of your element. You prefer to use reason when addressing your dilemmas, but what happens when you use emotion instead? Give in to fresh ideas and creative inspirations.

The moon is full in your own practical sign on the ninth, which should snap you right back into reality. It’s nice to retreat into a dream world sometimes, but right now you get better results using common sense and logic. If anything is out of order in your life, it’s time to put it back where it belongs.

You get a boost from the ambitious energy of Mars pairing with the hardworking Goat starting on February 16, and although you’re ready to kick some butt now, you do it in an understanding way. By the time you reach the finish line, your competitors won’t have any idea how or when you passed them.

A new moon in dreamy Pisces on the twenty-third puts you in a contemplative state and has you reflecting on events of the past several weeks. Are you satisfied with what’s happened, or are there changes to make? This is a good time to think about general ideas, but don’t dwell on details.


Your loving home planet Venus moves into aggressive Aries on February 7, causing you to be more selfish than usual. You’re more focused on your own needs now, and you might become angry when you don’t get your way. This isn’t typical of you, Libra, so close friends and colleagues will wonder what’s up.

A subtle Capricorn moon arrives on the eighteenth, allowing you to regain your composure and get serious about your life and the projects you’re working on. Future goals come into focus easily, and you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out a way to be successful in whatever you choose to pursue.

The bright sun moves into Pisces on the same day, bringing an excellent time for forgiveness and healing. Are you still hanging on to a past hurt, Libra? It’s time to let it go so you can live your best life. It’s hard to move forward when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder rehashing old hurts and regrets.

February 25 brings a happy sun-Mercury conjunction in bright Pisces, putting the focus on fast, unemotional interactions. This isn’t exactly the Fish’s specialty, so it will be important to rely on your intuition when you aren’t sure. Expect a lot of jokes and innuendo to go right over your head now.


There’s a familiar emotional energy while communicative Mercury passes through Pisces starting on February 3. You and the Fish both like to stay in the background, and your subtle communication style reflects this now. Texting is your preferred method of keeping in touch.

A full moon in dramatic Leo on the eighth plays well off the logical Aquarius sun. Now is the time to go over the last month and see what has come to fruition, and what hasn’t. Your first instinct isn’t always to make a big deal out of your success, because then you’ll also have to broadcast your failures. This isn’t a good time for your pride to take a hit.

Your home planet Mars starts hanging out with responsible Capricorn on February 16, so get ready to get serious about your life. If you’ve been letting things slide lately, this transit won’t let you be lazy any longer.

A Mars-Uranus trine on the twenty-first urges you to break free from the restrictions you’ve been under lately, even if you placed them on yourself. If you’ve been on a strict schedule of studying, working, or taking care of other people, it’s time to leave your routine and have some fun. You aren’t usually a rule-breaker, but you find yourself wondering “what if” a lot now.


As communicative Mercury moves into intuitive Pisces on February 3, your thoughts are less detailed and more fantastical. Sounds dreamy, right? It can be, unless you have a major decision to make. Because Pisces thrives in a world of magic and make-believe, this isn’t the best time to address real-world problems.

Aggressive Mars meets its match in ambitious Capricorn on the sixteenth, so if you’ve had trouble crossing items off your to-do list lately, midmonth is the time to get them done. Your energy is high and your thought processes are clear, which is a winning combo.

You get caught up in a dream world when the sun moves into idealistic Pisces on February 18, but who can’t use a break from reality every so often? If you have to make an important decision now, it’s best to rely on your intuition to show you the way.

There’s also a Pisces new moon to look forward to on the twenty-third, especially since it can give you some excellent creative ideas to solve some puzzling issues you’ve been dealing with lately. This is your chance to start fresh, Sagittarius, and what better way to clear the slate than with some imaginative solutions?


The full moon in dazzling fire sign Leo on February 8 is a good companion to imaginative Aquarius. What do you want to accomplish in the future? Keep your eyes on the prize.

The combination of powerful Mars and your ambitious sign on the sixteenth gives you more energy and makes you feel invincible. You might think it’s you against the world now, Capricorn, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are actually a lot of people in your corner cheering you on. You just haven’t looked up long enough to notice them.

The moon spends time in your self-disciplined sign on February 18 and February 19, so splurging on anything for yourself is unlikely now. You can be stingy with your emotions now, too, and emotional outbursts now are practically unheard of. You might think keeping up a wall protects you, but that might just be your insecurities talking.

You’re much more emotionally available when the sun moves into gentle Pisces on the eighteenth, especially when it comes to children, animals, and people you feel sorry for. You have a much softer demeanor now, and your kind, caring side might take some people by surprise. Lending a helping hand feels good, doesn’t it?


The moon is in curious Gemini on February 3 and February 4, so you’re even more interested in experimentation and innovation. Your detached outlook makes it easy for you to examine things on a scientific level, but you might not be as focused on the details as you should be. Distractions are inevitable. Just make sure you go back at some point and finish what you started.

The Leo full moon on the eighth puts you in a boastful frame of mind, but what makes you think you can do it better than anyone else? Try not to overstep your boundaries when giving advice, Aquarius. Not everyone thinks you’re the genius you think you are right now!

By the time the moon spends time in your sign on February 20 and February 21, unconventionality is appealing. You’re okay playing by the rules at times as long as you get to let your freak flag fly eventually. And what better time than now?! Showing someone your true self is scary but freeing at the same time.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to launch a new project, do it during the favorable trine between powerful Mars and your home planet Uranus on the twenty-first. You’re ready to take some risks now, and other people are likely to go along with your plans and schemes when you explain them in your own unique way.


It’s hard to ignore your gut feelings when Mercury starts spending time in your intuitive sign on February 3. For the next couple weeks, it’s important to pay close attention to your daydreams and stream of consciousness. Your subconscious should have the answers to a lot of your questions now, Pisces. Have faith in your first instincts and impressions. They’re usually correct.

Leader Mars teams up with ambitious Capricorn on the sixteenth, and this power couple wants to see you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. You aren’t normally comfortable taking the initiative, but right now making the first move can bring a lot more rewards than keeping silent will.

You feel comfortable in your own skin as the sun moves into your compassionate sign on February 18, and your creative, imaginative, and peace-loving personality shines through for the coming month. An introvert at heart, you’re happiest at home with a book and your favorite pet. Don’t give in to peer pressure to go out and do things. You deserve to spend time in your own happy place, wherever that may be.

You’ll be in a contemplative mood during the new moon in your sign on February 23, but don’t let regrets overshadow your accomplishments. Sure, you’ve probably made a few wrong moves, but who hasn’t? Decide to forgive yourself for past mistakes and move on.